Capture your share of the booming multifamily market.

Derrick Ruiz equips savvy real estate agents with the newest tools, technology, and strategies to make a connection with multifamily owners who want to cash out of the rental business.









Are you part of the eXp family yet?

Agent ownership, new-gen technology, revenue sharing programs, and lead generation systems have reimagined real estate and translate to real teamwork, real support, and real reward as agents, teams, and brokers collaborate to build their businesses, enhance their brands and keep more money.







Derrick Ruiz is dedicated to your success.

A native Angeleno, Derrick has always modeled his trailblazing real estate career after his beloved city of LA, a place known for its dynamism, creativity and setting trends the world over.


33 years of peerless service and marketing savvy has made him an ally of buyers and sellers of all types, but Derrick has carved out a niche in serving the needs of investment property sellers. 


When it comes to selling multifamily properties, not all Realtors are created equal. Derrick brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience when selling buildings and is keen to share this hard-won insight with others. 


Derrick is also an ambassador of eXp Realty, the nation's first agent owned cloud brokerage that has upended the traditional brick and mortar real estate model. He welcomes the opportunity to introduce forward-thinking agents to the commission splits, lead-generation tools, revenue sharing program and ownership opportunities that are the envy of brick-and-mortar brokerages.


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